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Thank you for choosing EcoUs


About Us

We would like to thank you for supporting EcoUs and want you to know that you have shopped with a company that strives to have a positive impact on the ocean and our planet.

EcoUs aim’s to provide consumers with an improved, more environmentally and sustainable solution as an alternative to using harmful products, whilst also aiming to create an eco-friendly online store that caters to consumers who wish to purchase healthier products that create less impact on the environment. 

We value your feedback. If there are products that you recommend, have ideas you would like to share, we would love to hear them.

You can rest assure that EcoUs strives each day to create the best shopping experience for you and aims to source the most ethical, quality products on the market, however, if for any reason you are unhappy with something, please contact our staff immediately and we will work to amend your concern.

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Our purpose, our difference.

At EcoUs, I believe it is important to help the planet and help others. As many of you know, EcoUs donates 20c from every product sold to the Australian Marine Conservation Society, a charity that works tirelessly to protect our ocean. There were many charities to choose from, it was a hard choice and it took months to decide which one was most suited to EcoUs but at the end of the day, it made sense to choose a charity that reflected EcoUs the most. The Australian Marine Conservation Society did exactly that and I am very happy with the choice.

Long before the inception of EcoUs, I had committed to donating to UNICEF Australia. I must admit, finding the money for the donations wasn’t easy. I was a single Mum, living in a tiny apartment, doing a degree, and most weeks I struggled to make ends meet. When asked why I donated when I was already struggling, the response was simple, the broke life that we had was a rich life compared to many children suffering, acutely ill, starving and malnourished, and in many cases, slowly dying. I would find it more difficult not to donate when I could help in some way.

My donations were tiny, but UNICEF Australia always made me feel they were momentous deposits. I was careful in choosing a charity as I knew that many charities forward half as much money to the cause that they say they will. I wanted to know that my donations were going to the right cause.

For every dollar donated by the Australian public in 2016:

• 72 cents went directly to program expenditure, including long-term development and emergency response work across both domestic and international programs and community education.
• 21 cents was reinvested in fundraising to gain more support, meaning that more funds are able to be remitted to the field to support our work with children.
• 7 cents was spent on UNICEF Australia's accountability, administration and reserves.

 UNICEF Australia is in the lowest percentile of our peer organisations in terms of money spent on administrative costs.

When planning the EcoUs web page, it was important that these two charities were incorporated into my website design. They help highlight what EcoUs is about, where a certain percentage of our profits go and why, and encourage people who are feeling generous to click the image of their preferred charity and make a separate donation because every little bit really does help.

*It is recommended that if you do commit to regular donations, that you request to receive communication via email and not regular mail, to save trees.  

Forever grateful,

 Nikki Heindl

(EcoUs Director)