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Bio-Gone Ziplock Bags

Bio-Gone Ziplock Bags

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Bio-Gone’s biodegradable plastics will break down to organic material when disposed to a microbe rich environment such as a landfill or commercial compost facility. Considerable confusion has been generated for consumers about biodegradable plastics. Bio-Gone’s plastics are called ‘landfill biodegradable’ as they will be completely consumed by naturally occurring microorganisms in either a landfill or in a commercial compost facility. Bio-Gone’s biodegradable plastics can also be main stream recycled, plus they will not break down or fragment like other ‘degradable’ plastics before they are used.

Benefits to the Bio-Gone Ziplock bag:

  • Reusable bags that once discarded to a landfill, will be consumed by bacteria and biodegrade away over a few years.
  • A landfill-biodegradable ziplock bag is a much better choice than a non-biodegradable bag. This is because the non-biodegradable bag acts like a barrier and prevents microorganisms from entering and breaking down the contents of the bag when disposed of in a landfill
  • Worldwide billions of plastic bags are discarded to landfills each year where they will unfortunately remain for hundreds of years. We can prevent this problem from getting worse by using landfill-biodegradable bags. If we all switched to using landfill-biodegradable plastic bags, it would ensure the bags are gone and not left for future generations to deal with
  • These ziplock bags be digested away by natural microorganisms after disposal to a landfill, allowing the contents inside to breakdown
  • Ziplock bags with the green zip to identify them as landfill-biodegradable bags.
  • Strong zip seal to contain your items.
  • Bags can be reused and washed multiple times.
  • These ziplock bags will be digested away by natural microorganisms after disposal to a landfill.

Three convenient sizes available:

100 × 150 mm,

154 × 244 mm, 

225 × 300 mm

Each pack consists of 100 bags, so that should keep you going for a while!