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EcoUs News

  • The Mooncup

    Seriously ladies, this little thing is a miracle. I mean, I can’t believe I have ever lived without one. I can do star jumps in this thing, ski...
  • Toothbrush Epidemic

    Over 30 million toothbrushes are disposed of by Aussies each year. Yes, I am proud of Aussies for the upkeep on personal hygiene but...
  • Rice Husk Benefits

    Now, many of you may be asking, what on earth is rice husk? Or maybe it was just me who had never heard of it until more recent years. Nonethel...
  • 10 Easy and affordable ways to reduce plastic waste.

    Cling wrap. How handy is that stuff? You can wrap almost anything in it and it simply clings… to the planet. The average household uses about 400m of it each year and our planet isn’t happy about that estimate at all. The good news is, there are options out there that not only replace cling wrap but are ethical, reusable and safe.